Irrespective of cost and opportunity compulsions we deliberately ask ourselves with intense social leaning on every decision we take about the prudence of it all. On resource conservation, we have thrust it upon ourselves to practically implement the conservation symbols we put on our packs. We think harder about it; - on the raw materials we use, in the design of our products and also in selling - in effect to avoid unnecessary wastage and also usage. We remain closely connected and indeed contribute our bit in bringing about positive changes on issues directly concerning our business sphere.

We are deeply concerned about larger social issues as well, particularly the deteriorating ecological environment. We believe even small businesses can significantly contribute towards reversing or at least reducing the pace of environmental degradation by being seriously concerned about it.

Our social responsibility initiatives are all structured around our brands with programs befitting the character of our respective brands. Our brand programs address clearly defined problem / task area in the larger social space and are passionately implemented in effect to create positive awareness and change - as best as we can.